"C" Stands in "iPhone 5C"- Cheap, Colors or Clueless ??

Hey Folks,
As Apple released two iPhone's recently. iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.
people are still thinking what "C" stands in iPhone's 5C ??
is it

Clueless : As nobody know what is Apple's motivation behind creating this phone. this phone is lowest in price range of all other iPhones since iPhone came into market. ok its not clueless.

another one is

Cheap: Before launching and after certain time of launching this phone,people were thinking "C" must be stands for "Cheap" as Apple announced its price $99 with two year of contract with any wireless service provider.if you are looking for without wireless subsidy it will cost you around $550-$250(35000 INR). so it is no more cheaper in any way.

Colors : Yeah !!! C stands for "Colors" as it is available in 5 colors. Apple released its iPhone 5C phone in which







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